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Mass Effect 2, Yahg - Model Reference. by Troodon80 Mass Effect 2, Yahg - Model Reference. by Troodon80
Mass Effect 2, Yahg BioWare/EA.

You are free to use this reference however you wish. You can also download the full size version.
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DisfiguredStick Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Could you upload the clothes-less one?
darkmikasonfire Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I think this should be in the Named Characters as the Shadow Broker from ME2. The reason for that is You see another Yahg in ME3, it doesn't wear clothing, they're wild animals, this is the Shadow Broker who happens to be a Yahg, but clothed.
Lizardhound Featured By Owner May 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
No, they're not wild animals. In fact they are a species very close to spaceflight. However, they are extremely aggressive and massacred the Council diplomats and as a consequence were quarantined to their home planet and their system declared a no-flight zone.
darkmikasonfire Featured By Owner May 30, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
not wild - extremely aggressive and violent, so correction they ARE wild.
Their culture is similar to dogs they're pack animals with a leader on top, and the rest follow loyaly until another tries to take leadership, they sound like a number of animals in the animal kingdom.

They can speak, well we've found most animals do, they just don't speak english, not because they're not smart enough to, their vocal cord are different, they physically can't, however they have their own language even if it is supposedly more simple than English. They can do mathematics, so can monkeys, dogs, and birds, which leads me to believe most species probably can, maybe not to the degree we can, we just haven't found out how to test and train them properly yet.
You're statement that they aren't wild animals has be nulled. All beings are animals, and they are very much in fact wild.

Now back to the original concept, only 2 Yahg are shown. One doesn't wear clothing and seems not to be that interested in cover its body which can only lead one to believe either A. it's a nudist, or B. clothing doesn't matter much to their people. The other one we've seen does wear clothing, these exact clothes even, and we can only believe that either A. everyone of his species wears similar clothing (which can be negated by the previously mentioned Yahg), or B. they are HIS clothes.

Now with what little data we have, we can surmize that for the Shadow Broker Yahg, that B is correct, they are HIS clothes specifically, which states that this picture should be in the named character category just like I stated.
And from that we can also surmize that B is the correct answer for the first one as well. It is very possible that the previous Yahg isn't just a nudist but instead Yahg simply don't care about clothing on their own planet. The Shadow Broker Yahg could have easily wore clothing to 'fit in' a little better with the other sentient beings that were around, including the team/s that he worked with before he was the Shadow Broker. Yahg are, after all, use to adapting to those around them; which would dicate that if everyone around them were wearing clothing, they would probably start wearing if if they weren't previously doing so. Considering their body is well armored, I would guess they didn't have a need for clothing in their natural habitat, as they are the most advanced on their planet the other species probably don't wear clothing so they probably don't. It's unlikely they would need to, their body is armored, their soft bits are well hidden, they are large in size, this dictated they are unlikely to get hurt easily, they are unlikely to get cold easily, and they can smash thourgh things easily. What would be the need for clothing? Humans created clothing to A. keep warm, and B. protec their bodies. Yahg have no need for either it seems, they're like giant beetles or something.

Smart doesn't mean not wild animal. A human that is rased by animals is typically seen as a wild animal, it has nothing to do with intellect, they have the same intellectual poweress as any other individual. Is it learning? No, we teach monkeys, dolphins, dogs, apes, chimps, etc to communicate and such. Is it having cultures? No, every species has a culture, even ants do. Wild animals have outsmarted humans numerous times, so I'm not sure what consitutes a wild animal other than 'I believe it is wild, and I know it is an animal'. I consider any species, whom as a whole doesn't wear clothing, as a wild animal. And again as stated in the above, I have extrapulated that Yahg, as a whole, probably don't wear clothing. Until cannon states otherwise they are wild animals.
Lizardhound Featured By Owner May 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Whoa. You sure did need to prove your point.

So are we. We follow a leader loyally. Once in a while someone else takes over and we adapt.

*your statement. And no, I don't think they speak English. Very few non-humans do. Turian vocal chords and subharmonics, coupled with their unique mouths, should make them incapable of speaking proper English, for example. That's what those genius translator thingies are for.
And let's have a look at the Wiki. It states that "the yahg were a pre-spaceflight civilization with technology equivalent to that of 20th century Earth." (direct quote). I'm sure you agree that no mere dumb wild animal would ever get that far.

That Yahg in the STG base is obviously a special case. It's been abducted, tested, experimented on etc. And they're not human. Human behavious like fear of being naked shouldn't really be expected, especially not when it is continuously pissed off. As for when it breaks out, imagine this: You've been abducted from your home planet by tiny, squishy aliens you consider to be far beneath you. They have kept you caged as an animal and experimented on you, most likely for years. The sound of battle resounds around you, and as an aggressive, pissed-off individual, the first thing you do when your cage shatters is to find someone to kill. OF COURSE your nudity doesn't matter to you when an outlet for several years of pent-up rage presents itself.
And clothing isn't just for covering our bodies up. The quality, colours, cut etc of the clothes you wear send a clear message to everyone around you. It's a status symbol.
Of course the Shadow Broker would wear HIS clothes! He's the Shadow Broker! He can't exactly run around naked. You're right about the fitting in thing though. Adaptability is the trait that ensures survivial.
Now let's have a look at your statement. They may not need clothing to protect themselves, no. But what other things are clothes used for? Oh that's right, covering certain parts of the anatomy and conveying status. As I have already stated, the Yahg have technology equivalent to 20th century earth. This means they have self-awareness, which means they are fully aware of what all parts of their body does. Now, I may be giving them human characteristics, but since all other Sentient species cover themselves up, I'd guess that leaving your reproductive organs fully visible isn't considered a civilized thing to do in Yahg society and could very well be a grave offense.
And just a word of advice: "they're like giant beetles or something" is a sentence that dramatically degrades my opinion of your repetitive statements. It is not only unprofessional, it isn't even thought through. NO, they couldn't possibly be giant beetles, because if they were they would have evolved in a very low-gravity environment or been fully aquatic and they'd have been a different shape if they evolved in any of those two environments. With no inner skeleton to support muscles and internal organs, they would die when their own body weight crushed their innards. It's as simple as that. Look at the Salarians, for example, when it comes to lower-gravity environments. Tall and slim beings, because that is the natural path all evolution takes when gravity is low. And yes, the Yahg are tall, but they aren't exactly slim.

No, a human raised by animals is seen as a human raised by animals. While I agree that humanity is a state of mind, a human will not be a wild animal except in cases of rather extreme retardation. Our hands and brains are too unique for us to revert to a state of mind where instincts rule our actions. We are tool-making and problem-solving with great capabilities for abstract thought, and that is what sets us apart from wild animals.
Wild animals have outsmarted humans. Yes they have. We are specialized and every single being on this planet, apart from most of those who belong to a hive-mind, are unique individuals.
Do your research before embarking on a rant/ramble this size, please. A wild animal is an animal that has evolved on its own for thousands and thousands of years, in our case without human influence. We are civilized beings, as proved by our societies, cultures, languages and technology. We separate ourselves from wild creatures in many ways, most notably in legal, social and moral ways.
Canon has stated otherwise, in the Codex and in the wiki both. Here's the [link] to the page about the Yahg. Please read it throughly before replying, as it will save us both a considerable amount of time and anger.
darkmikasonfire Featured By Owner May 31, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
"I'm sure you agree that no mere dumb wild animal would ever get that far." Humans in regards to every other species in the game, are complete and utter morons, also having a thumb helps humans create things *le gasp*, that being said I don't see animals cleaning up our poop, so yes I think mere dumb animals could get that far given time, but this isn't about mere dumb animals, this is about wild animals so your point here is null and void.

You state it's a special case, but it's one of only TWO cases you know of, the other being another 'special' case as well, I'm going to go with the one that's naked is less special. Also stating it was there for years is a null point since we don't know how long it was there, considering the area at the top (where you see it in the first place) is a start/end area as it's the top of the transport pad, I would state it is either a new arival or one leaving, since it goes down instead of up, I'm going to go with it's a new arival.

Having tech and needing clothing are two different things, look at the elcor or the hannar, neither wear clothing (at least I don't believe the elcor readily do anyways), both of them are higher in tech than the Yahg even.
Also, as you did state, you're adding in a lot of human qualities to these things without any evidence that they're human like. Their status, as stated by the wikia is that of a leader and loyal followers until uprising by another to become leader. Nowhere does it state there's other types of status other than leader, subjects, and dissenter. One shouldn't be able to tell a dissenter apart from the normal loyal subjects, if they could they would simply kill the dissenter at birth to prevent any challenge to leadership. I'm sure that the leader doesn't have to wear something special for everyone to know it's the leader.

"but since all other Sentient species cover themselves up" going to go with hannar and elcor. Also As far as we know, their naughty bits are behind their plating, and since the naked one didn't have any open slit or dangling bits I'm going to have to go with that. So again no need to assume they need clothing based on the information given still.

Like beetles doesn't mean grown from beetles, their body is fully armored, LIKE a beetle *gasps*. holy shit there's that word like again, holy crap the whole world is coming to an end. Also we don't know what the internal structures of any of these beings are, we shouldn't be trying to dictate how they have 'needed' to of evolved.

I would state that abstract thought would be greatly impared if a human wasn't raised in the proper enviroment, like say for instance if it was raised by pigs or dogs, pretty sure that the abstract part of the brain would be put well on the back burners because they aren't given the chance to develop it properly. Now we might be about as abstract thought filled as a monkey, but a monkey is a wild animal, so...

Animals have societies, cultures, and langauges. They don't require technology because they just adapt, we need technology to adapt. Morals are a bit more irrelevant, morals are a person to person thing, they change between people and even more between cultures, social issues change based on culture and tend to be different between them, legality is based on both morals and social issues. None of this is that important. Animals tend to act in a moralistic way, they don't fit all our morals but that doesn't mean they don't have them, we can't prove whether they do or not because we can't speak to them.

So I will continue to dictate the Yahg are wild animals, it doesn't make them mere dumb animals, it just makes them wild animals. Being smart doesn't make them unwild, it just makes them more dangerous.
starcobra123 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Would dead be a more accurate term?
CenturyKing Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2011  Student Digital Artist
He reminds me of Santa.... xDD
ShadowNuri Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
He so does!
CenturyKing Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2011  Student Digital Artist
You think I should asks him for presents? ewe

ShadowNuri Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hell yes! I'm sure he's hinding them in his belly or something... all we have to do is get him to puke them up! Then we introduce the galaxy to space santa... Fuck yeah.
CenturyKing Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2011  Student Digital Artist
haha, could be ;P
we just have to fight him and find out :iconhurrhurrplz:
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